Simple Animation Loop in Java

If you want to show some animation, maybe for a simple java game, then you need to render a certain amount of frames per second. For a smooth animation you want 30 to 60 frames per second. But sometimes the needed calculations need a bit longer so the delay until the drawing of the next frame needs to be shorter. For this an animation loop is needed. I have implemented a very simple animation loop for Java 8+ that can be paused and started.

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Functions in Java

There’s a lot of confusion about “functions” in Java. Java doesn’t really have them, but an object could represent a function so it kind of does have them. I try to explain the different meanings of “functions” in Java, other languages and in mathematics.

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Generics have one thing in common with regular expressions: Students think they are an easy to use tool but they just end up with code they do not understand and can’t maintain. Regular expressions can often be replaced by well written and documented code. But you can’t just replace generics. A student using collections with generic type parameters but not fully understanding the concept is still better than one using “raw” collections. And it’s often ok to use something just to get familiar with the idea before learning the theory. The downside is that many misconceptions emerge from this approach of teaching. In this post I try to explain some of the common misconceptions on generics in Java.

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